Vim: hate it then love it

Nov 2012 - 3 min read

So I’ve been using vim every day for about 6 months now. It was an exercise in frustration for most of that time, until it became second nature; so much so that I then found other editors and word-processors less effective to use as I’d keep trying vim commands…


Starting to use vim is easy with vimtutor, which is simply a clever text file that you learn to manipulate with vim. Here are a few tips:

I recommend you customise vim; I tried getting used to the stock configuration on Ubuntu, but it was too minimal and there were far too many annoyances. Remove the irritating things, add features such as the solarized colour scheme; a well-engineered palette for anything you stare at. Pathogen is worth installing to make managing plugins easier.

I made a vimrc, and eventually got carried away and made a git repo with configuration files for bash, tmux and git. It’s worth a look and is mostly commented.

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