I’m Cal1 Bryant; this is where I attempt to document my projects. You may email me or DM me to get in touch about anything on this website,2 but please don’t send me templated recruitment messages.

My hobbies include writing software, electronic design, home DIY, coffee, HiFi audio, cycling, kayaking and amateur radio;3 sometimes even DJing. I live in Cambridgeshire with my wife, 2 daughters and our cat.

I currently work at Cydar as a Principal Engineer, having worked at Broadcom. I studied Electrical & Electronic Engineering (MEng) at the University of Leicester.4 More.

I created dstask, a git-powered terminal to-do manager; and dsnet, a wireguard tool; among other things.

You can check out my CV as HTML or PDF. 5 You may also wish to see my Github, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

  1. Short for “Callan” ↩︎

  2. Made from scratch with hugo with a focus on good typography and user experience. Optimised to load lightning fast using a bs4 + tinycss2 based script to inline CSS/JS, remove unused CSS rules and substitute class names, a selenium script to annotate images below the fold for lazy-loading, html-minifier (which uses clean-css and UglifyJS), optipng, jpegoptim, svgo for originals, with webp images, no frameworks, caching and a global CDN behind nginx with a best-practice config. Written with neovim, validated with VNU validator, spellchecked with typos and linted with proselint↩︎

  3. Callsign: M7NBD on foundation license. Intermediate and full license pending. ↩︎

  4. Awarded 1st Class Hons. ↩︎

  5. Generated from a YAML template using Hugo and LaTeX with Jinja2. Optimised for file size with ghostscript, cleaned with exiftool and qpdf↩︎